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CarbonPro Product Reviews

Happy Cyclists

How our products perform when you use them in real world conditions is the ultimate test of quality and reliability. Read what a few satisfied riders have to say about CarbonPro cleaners, protectants, and lubricants.

CarbonPro Ultrashine and Protectant

Easy to apply and produces great results with a little elbow grease.
Despite a decent helping of elbow grease you can't always restore your steed to its former, shiny glory. The guys at CarbonPro may have found the missing ingredient. Their Sports Ultra Shine Polisher and Protectant comes in 8oz and 32oz bottles and it works a treat.

– Caven O'Hara, Road CC, United Kingdom

CarbonPro Medium Density Lube

Surprisingly tenacious, clean running lube with a competitive price tag.
CarbonPro Medium Density Lube is a super clean middleweight formula designed for dry to moderate conditions and it's rather good too. However, you'll get best results if you ensure your chain is spotless before you apply it.

– Shaun Audane, Road CC, United Kingdom

CarbonPro Heavy Duty Lube

Superior to most wet formulas and may prove very cheap in the longer run.
CarbonPro Heavy Duty Lube is probably the cleanest running of the truly hell'n'high water lubricants I've tested to date. It has laughed at thunderstorms, river crossings and similar antics. Most surprising of all, it doesn't impair the feel of sportier groupsets.

– Shaun Audane, Road CC, United Kingdom

CarbonPro Dri-Shine

Convenient bike sprucer with decent staying power.
Carbon Pro Dri-Shine is a clever detailer designed to keep bikes looking showroom fresh with nominal effort and seems more effective than most I've played with to date. However, mud encrusted cross and mountain bikes will still require a bike wash blow-over and bucket rinse first.

– Shaun Audane, Road CC, United Kingdom

Carbon Pro Chain Cleaner

Unusual, pricey but very competent carbon friendly chain degreaser.
CarbonPro Chain Cleaner is an unexpectedly potent take on the degreaser theme that manages to be kind to all materials, but carbon/composites in particular.

– Shaun Audane, Road CC, United Kingdom

CarbonPro Lite Density Lube

Surprisingly durable for a lightweight lube, yet loses nothing in performance terms to its rivals.
CarbonPro's Lite Density Lube is a low viscosity, high performance blend designed for responsive shifts and minimal friction in dry, dusty conditions. So far, it delivers and with superior staying power.

– Shaun Audane, Road CC, United Kingdom